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Hi, my name is Doug Olena.
These pages represent my web portfolio. I create web sites, mobile and responsive, as well as provide hosting for a variety of clients. Feel free to comment. Thanks.

  • NameDoug Olena
  • BirthdayMay 5, 1953
  • AddressSpringfield, Missouri
  • Phone(417) 988-4337
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  • See My Portfolio
  • See My Portfolio
Springfield, Missouri, United States

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  • NameDouglas Olena
  • BirthdayMay 5, 1953
  • AddressSpringfield, Missouri, USA
  • Phone(417) 988-4337
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Graphic Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Flash

Web Design

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • Web Graphics
  • Optimization

Web Hosting

  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • Email
  • Secure Shopping


  • Philosophy
  • Office Apps
  • Web Skills
  • Adobe Apps

About Me

Hi, My name is Doug...

Though this VCard page is mostly about the web and graphics, I have a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Cardiff University in Wales, UK and teach part time in university. This means that my analytic skills are good and I can help you develop many different types of web pages, interfaces, and applications. I have provided web hosting services for close to sixteen years and have matured with the web. I am familiar with all the latest technologies and maintain a steady stream of learning projects. I am security conscious and can make your site as secure as necessary. I have been happily married to Lois since 1980 and have two children.


Professor1989 - Present

Philosophy, et al…

I have taught a wide variety of courses including computer science at colleges and universities in Vermont, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

UI and Web Designer2003 - Present

One of my many tasks…

I have designed countless complex and simple forms for interacting with my employers and customers. I have been responsible for choosing and designing the look and feel of many web sites, and for some have gone through multiple revisions and rebuilds. Since 2013 I have begun using a platform called Foundation that has allowed me to design responsive web sites for a variety of clients. Their philosophy revolves around making mobile sites the priority. Their HTML5 CSS3 code base permits a wide variety of innovative technologies as part of their platform.

My Customers2000 - Present

I'm proud of my customers…

I have had some of my customers since very early in my hosting and web building ventures. They stuck with me through the slow and sometimes painful growing experiences, but otherwise steady and reliable services I provided. I host and manage some of them, and others manage their own accounts.

Web Hosting1998 - Present

Another of my many tasks…

I have been hosting web sites at a variety of hosts for myself and others. It became a viable business for me around 2000. I still have customers from those early years. I found a host, MediaTemple, who not only has a number of major customers, (Adobe, CBS network, Samsung) but is reliable and customer conscious. So, setting up your site will be easy, and trouble free. Though Microsoft Windows hosts are reliable, and I use one at a current workplace, I chose early on to host with a UNIX or LINUX type server, partly because Windows hosts were relatively immature, and required a different set of skills. Since my main platform is a Macintosh (now UNIX based since OSX) and I was familiar with some of the command line conventions. UNIX is also the platform used for the early web and many of the bugs Microsoft was having were already worked out.

Graphic Artist and Designer1985 - Present

Some information…

I have worked as a graphic artist for a variety of companies and customers. I have been using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for over 25 years, and have a full toolkit for this work. During the early 1990s I developed a set of over 100 typefaces under the Keystrokes label, many of which are still licensed and sold by Monotype. The logotype of the movie Jurassic Park was made by me and licensed by the studio. In the late 1990s I worked for a photo lab in Birmingham Alabama where I worked with a variety of large scale inkjet, electrostatic, and photo printers, creating graphics for trade shows and conventions.

Computer Education



Herzing College

In a six month period, I took all the C++ courses available at Herzing College in Birmingham Alabama.

1978 - Current


School of Hard Knocks

As for many in the early web industry, I learned most of what I know on my feet in a working environment. "How do we do this?" We would answer: "Make it up as we go along." It worked for me.


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